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Racism in America and human trafficking of Blacks to Middle East

Though Black Americans are mischievous and disingenuous in rallying behind African dictators the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and other racists groups have gone too far. The KKK are satanists and cannibalists who eat blacks in dark world. No moral sound person can sympathize or support the KKK. When we think of the KKK we are … Continue reading

Evade Government SPYING by using encrypted emails

Evade Government SPYING by using PROTONMAIL: https://protonmail.com/signup?ref=httm Most email service providers do not protect or encrypt our emails. Our information and privacy is at the mercy of the wicked. We are left vulnerable to prying eyes. Use email service that protect you from Government and individual hackers. Protonmail is the best and is hosted in … Continue reading

South African Farmers cruel treatment of black farm workers.

The mistreatment of black farm workers by Boer farmers is too much in South Africa. We hear that a 21-year-old has been thrown out of bakkie in North West, Man has been put in coffin alive, man has been thrown to lions and so many other stories. I have worked in Farms and Game Reserve … Continue reading


Most emails like Yahoo and Gmail are good but do not protect us from hackers or any other prying eyes. Our emails are not encrypted and can be intercepted at any time with so much easy. You may say, ‘Why worry I don’t have anything to hide.’ Then l will ask you please give me … Continue reading

After all who doesn’t become naked?

Rwandan Presidential candidate Diane Shima Rwigara has been targeted in smear campaign publishing her so-called naked photo’s. The photos look fake. read more on this story: http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2017/05/smear-campaign-against-rwandan-presidential-candidate-diane-shima-rwigara-2907006.html

Smear Campaign against Rwandan Presidential candidate, Diane Shima Rwigara

by Collen Makumbirofa · Rwandan Presidential candidate Diane Shima Rwigara targeted in smear campaign publishing her so-called naked photo’s. The photos look fake. I rubbish the smear campaign to discourage this woman from contesting Paul Kagame’s dictatorship. Who doesn’t become naked? I have no doubt its political sabotage from the cabals of Kagame’s government. Ms … Continue reading

A Zimbabwean woman has come out and claimed EFF leader Julius Malema impregnated her

A Zimbabwean woman has come out and claimed EFF leader Julius Malema impregnated her went she was his maid during his ANC days. The woman, Grace Nyoka, made the shocking revelation in Pretoria where she had gone to try and reunite her son with her biological father.https://www.regime.press/2017/02/19/a-zimbabwean-woman-has-come-out-and-claimed-eff-leader-julius-malema-impregnated-her/ Recent Posts SA Zionist Federation Press Release Preparation … Continue reading

Preparation for war: Foreigners in South Africa respond to planned 24 February 2017 xenophobic violence

PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL WATSAPP GROUPS: NIGERIANS, CONGOLESE & LIBERIANS living in South Africa. Response to ongoing Xenophobia Return on Foreign Nationals.::: We are very much aware of ongoing threats circulating in Social media that a group of local South Africans are planning another attack on foreign national. read more: https://www.regime.press/2017/02/20/preparation-for-war-foreigners-in-south-africa-respond-to-planned-24-february-2017-xenophobic-violence/ Recent Posts Preparation for … Continue reading

Did you know that Black Americans are mental inferior?

No-one can dispute that black Americans or Negroes are mental inferior. These dude cant even think properly. Black Americans support all the African dictators. These dictators knows that they are wrong but the problem is that they just want power and easy wealth. What is more disturbing is the black Americans who support these dictators … Continue reading

Black Americans who support African dictators are racists, moral warped and mischievous!

Black Americans who support African dictators are racists, moral warped and mischievous! When you hear of black Americans one would feel sorry for these descendants of the victims of Islamic slave trade. The black Americans who support African dictators are the most racists and mischievous people. They hate Africans. Africans are struggling against dictators yet … Continue reading

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