About Us

The aim of Americannews21 is to promote opinions that are usually not allowed to be expressed in the mainstream media. Our principles are clearly and objectively stated.

Americannews21 welcomes all those who respond to our call, citizens of any country. We are ordinary people, like you. People dealing with similar problems, concerns and susceptibilities, people from different parts of the world, who unite our voices under a common purpose: to contribute, in our own way, with counter-information as our only weapon, to the radical transformation of things.

This is the time to speak

• The Mass Media rarely represent the reality. The way they operate contributes to mislead of the public, demonizing people who struggle for justice, freedom and democracy. This directed misinformation provided by the large news networks, cultivate a climate of conformity and apathy, which we condemn. So, it is time for our voices to be heard, voices that are rarely disseminated through the broadcasts of the mainstream news channels, voices buried and deliberately silenced.

This is a self-funded activity. To give financial support please email: americaalert@gmail.com


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