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Democratic Alliance in South Africa is a remnant of apartheid and representation of black subjugation by Whites.

The opposition party, Democratic Alliance(DA) in South Africa is a remnant of apartheid and representation of black subjugation by Whites.

Blacks in South Africa have been severely oppressed and killed by whites during apartheid era. Apartheid committed cultural genocide. Blacks had their moral and family values destroyed by apartheid. Apartheid has created vast amount of social problems and the poverty we see today in South Africa is the vicious cycle of apartheid. By concentrating majority of blacks in small places whites of apartheid had clearly calculated to destroy morality, spirit and values of blacks.

Black leaders in DA are puppets of whites. All remnants of evil and the National Party are in the DA. All the intelligence tools of apartheid have been left to the DA. We cannot be fooled anymore. When the DA WINS it will relegate and chase away all blacks from leadership positions. Those few left will be puppets of whites. Whites they think they are better than blacks thats why they undermine blacks not realizing most of the wealth they have was stolen from blacks. And white business people perpertuate this abuse by paying black workers peanuts while they take home hundreds of thousands of rands. Millions of blacks are working hard but they stay in shacks because they cannot afford to build houses the salaries they get from white owned businesses is extremely low. White executive take millions home. THE PRIVATE SECTOR IS MORE CORRUPT AND EVIL. We must wake up now the corpse is smelling. regimepress


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