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Protest action for a murder case is on the 27th of July 2016 in Durban


May 16, 2016httf Leave a comment

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Protest action for a murder case is on the 27th of July 2016 in Durban at the Verulam Court At 8am

(Please show your support and join this demonstration against drug lords and murderers in Durban. Most of the human traffickers in South Africa are drug lords and syndicates. Don’t be neutral our children are at risk. Who is the next victim? It can be me or you or our children.)

Enver Arnold RamsamyMurdered Enver Arnold Ramsamy CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURE OF THE VICTIM

Gang violence, drug dealers, corrupt cops and a host of other criminal activities are rampant in the Phoenix area of Durban South Africa

Enver Arnold Ramsamy was murdered in cold blood in the broad day of light and the murderer was awarded bail even after camera footage of the entire incident was found. Police failed to oppose bail.These murderers have money and with money people get greedy.

Scene where Enver Arnold Ramsamy was murdered.

Scene where Enver Arnold Ramsamy was murdered.‎Calvin Periasamy accused of murdering Enver Arnold Ramsamy

Calvin Periasamy accused of murdering Enver Arnold Ramsamy

Our society has become such that there is no value to human life. I would like to appeal to the public to stand together to fight crime. Together we can make a difference. Together we can put pressure on government to heighten the penalty for crime. At the moment criminals are being given too much leniency. It’s nothing for criminals to spend one year behind bars. If the death sentence is introduced we will see lesser crimes a life for life.

We are feeding the man who murdered our father, our sons, our daughters, our uncles our brothers. We are feeding the people who rape, abuse, steal and bully. Why should we work so hard to see them? Whilst they will one day go free and commit the same crime repeatedly until we have solid enough evidence to put them away for another year and the cycle continues.

Let’s do this now. Let’s be instrumental in changing the law and make our country, suburb our dwelling a safer place.

I’m a victim of Crime

You are a victim of crime
Let’s become proactive to get rid of it.

Protest action for a murder case is on the 27th of July 2016 at the Verulam Court At 8am.

I’m appealing to the community to stand together, let’s make an example of these murderers.

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