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(I received email below from someone l know its so interesting.) 
From: "xxxxx" <xxxx>
Date: Mon, May 11, 2015 3:40 am
To: action
Priority: Normal
Do these people have secret societies or satanic clubs which they use to control who becomes a president? THIS ONE REALLY MADE ME SMILE!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY FRIEND?!! OF COURSE THERE IS A 'SECRETE SOCIETY' BEHIND MUGABE!! And yes, this Mossad guy might be part of it but the real power behind Mugabe is the FREEMASON ILLUMINATE!! No president will come to power if he does not belong to it and are up to the 33rd degree. Mandela was even from the 'order of Malta'. Be blessed with SHALOM till HE comes!!


This person was replying to this article:
Some few years back some Americans told me that Jews are behind Mugabe’s power in Zimbabwe. I could not believe what they told me. I thought maybe they just hated Jews. Now closely look at Mugabe, Israel and Jews. You will see that Israel or Jews are behind Mugabe’s power.

Do these people have secret societies or satanic clubs which they use to control who becomes a president?

Lots of Jews are really behind Mugabe’s communist oppression in Zimbabwe. But Why? why?

A Jew Ari Ben Menashe conspired to have Morgan Tsvangirai hanged for treason in Zimbabwe.

Little did l know that Ari Ben Menashe who conspired to have MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai (Zimbabwean main Opposition) arrested for treason is Jew.Treason in Zimbabwe carries death penalty. Tsvangirai is a leader of majority of Zimbabweans who have lost hope in Mugabe’s regime. Tsvangirai was duly elected as president of Zimbabwe n 2008.

Ari Ben Menashe is a member of MOSSAD, Israel Intelligence. Nikuv Projects which rigged 2013 presidential elections in Zimbabwe and is reported to be owned by ex-members of MOSSAD. Intelligence members don’t actually resign, because they carry important secrets of the country.

The Americans who told me that Jews are secretly behind communism and oppression in Zimbabwe were correct. I will soon start to publish the letters they sent me.



Ben-Menashe again came to the attention of the international media in 2002, when he alleged that Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of Zimbabwe‘s opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change, had asked him to help “eliminate” PresidentRobert Mugabe. Ben-Menashe produced a videotape of conversations between himself and Tsvangirai in London, England, and Montreal, where the latter appeared to ask for Ben-Menashe’s help as a political consultant. Unbeknownst to Tsvangirai, Ben-Menashe’s Montreal consultancy firm at the time, Dickens and Madson, was working for Mugabe, and tapes of the ambiguous conversation were passed to the Zimbabwean authorities, who charged Tsvangirai with treason, which is punishable by death in that country.[20]

Tsvangarai was put on trial for treason before the Harare High Court, but was exonerated in October 2004 after the judge accepted he had not used the word “eliminate” to mean that he wanted Mugabe to be assassinated.[21] Judge Paddington Garwe described Ben-Menashe, who was the prosecution’s star witness, as “rude, unreliable, and contemptuous.” [22] From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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