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South African govt deporting victims of Mugabe’s misrule yet embracing the evil dictator Mugabe

Zimbabwean illegal immigrants in South Africa are a product of Mugabe’s misrule, decades of persecutions and atrocities. On contrary South African leaders are supporting Mugabe and preventing him from falling. When he came to South Africa recently they give him platform to make his racist utterances against whites and to make speeches which incite xenophobia against blacks.

Why is South Africa supporting Mugabe and his illegal ZANU PF regime which is still in power by terrorism and massive election rigging? Illegal immigrants are victims of Mugabe’s starvation and persecution. The really criminal is Mugabe and the culprits are those countries supporting his misrule.

South Africa support and defend Mugabe in international forums such as UN Security Council and prevent Britain from aiding dissidents to remove this evil, satanic and illegitimate regime. Mugabe must collapse and millions of Zimbabweans will leave South Africa to go back home.

Its some African leaders causing this illegal immigration and influx into South Africa.

South Africa can close the borders and put pressure on Mugabe so that this regime fall.

Ordinary people: South Africans and Zimbabweans don’t need to fight each other but South Africans may put pressure on their leaders not to support Mugabe or to give him free electricity or military equipment or intelligence help.

Mugabe is a disgrace to rest of Africa. He is already causing problems and animosity between South Africans and Zimbabweans. Natural South Africans are not our enemies. We trade with them. Meet elderly South Africans are so good and interesting so why fight each other? We are Brothers and Sisters. Lets have have a broader picture and fight the really evil.

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