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Zambians to Demonstrate against Barbarism in South Africa

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Zambians across the country are set to join Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and other African countries in staging peaceful marches against the ravaging attacks and killing of foreign nationals in South Africa.

Several people in Zambia’s capital Lusaka will on Friday April 17, 2015 march to the South African High Commission and Zimbabwean Embassy to present a petition demanding an end to Afrophobia/xenophobia in South Africa.

"We have planned to march to the Zimbabwean Embassy too in order to petition President Robert Mugabe who is currently the African Union Chairperson. We are optimistic that the Zimbabwean Embassy in Zambia and in particular the Ambassador will quickly deliver the petition to President Mugabe as AU Chairperson for immediate action," reads a statement released by the concerned Zambians.

The leaders of the planned demonstration have urged all peace loving Africans living in Zambia to join in the procession.

Tomorrow Thursday April 16, 2015 the leaders of the planned march of goodwill to the South African High Commission would release a comprehensive programme of the event.

"We urge all peace loving citizens of the continent of Africa living here in Zambia to turn out in large number so that we must show South Africans that we are one people who should love one another. Zambia and other African countries like Tanzania sacrificed a great deal to rescue South Africa from the shackles of apartheid. Those hooligans denting the good name of Africa should not force us to start regretting that the sacrifices we made to have South Africa free were in vain. What South Africans are doing to their brothers today is worse than what whites did to them," reads the statement.

All media houses across the country have been urges to cover extensively the planned march and ensure all citizens of the world living in Zambia are given access to condemn the "demonic" termination of God’s innocent children by some South Africans.


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