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Campaign against Xenophobia in South Africa


Campaign against Xenophobia in South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa Community


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By Prayer, Publicity and Pressure we can stop Xenophobia in South Africa. Humanity is one!
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SHOCKINGNEWS21 (www.shockingnews21.info), is a news website that promotes awareness of human rights abuses and reports Xenophobic violence in South Africa. Shockingnews21 receive tens of thousands of visitors every month.

Campaign against Xenophobia in South Africa aim to mobilize people for Prayer and Action. By Prayer, Publicity and Pressure we will be able to save life and stop massive suffering of people in South Africa. Campaign against Xenophobia will gather and report news related to Xenophobia, start Prayer Networks, warn foreigners through emailing lists, social networks in case of dangers, inform the Police and other human rights groups about signs or incidence of Xenophobia.

Your Donation will help Shockingnews21 Journalists in gathering and writing news and other related expenses involved in this Campaign.

South Africa is hosting tens of thousands of foreigners among them include those who have fled wars, political persecution and starvation. Foreigners in South Africa faces dangers of not only starvation but Xenophobic Violence from some locals who wants to rid South Africa of foreigners.

Since 2008 hundreds of foreigners have suffered violent deaths, tens of thousands have been affected by this violence.

In March 2015 a Zimbabwean woman was burned to death by a mob of more than 300 people in a township near Pretoria. This year(2015) tension has increased. With some South African leaders calling for foreigners to leave South Africa.

In Kwazulu Natal, Zulu King Zwelithini has called for foreigners to leave South Africa. This has resulted in violence, deaths and looting of foreign owned shops in Durban.

South Africa is part of the Global Community, Xenophobia is Totally Wrong. Foreigners have rights too. Xenophobia is against human values. The World can stop Xenophobia in South Africa. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/campaign-against-xenophobia-in-south-africa/x/10454222

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I am a Writer and a Publisher. I love to spread key news.


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